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AWS Instructure's Institute

Instructor's Institute

Jul 17, 2022 - Jul 22, 2022AWS Headquarters, Miami, FL

The AWS Instructors Institute is held to give welding instructors an opportunity to strengthen their teaching skills, learn more about AWS programs, and experience hands-on learning of new teaching techniques. Meeting together with other instructors, the participants will be able to communicate and share their experiences in a setting that is devoted to their specific concerns.

Please click here for the Instructors Institute Fact Sheet.

Who will attend?
The Instructor representatives will be announced before or at the respective District Conference, depending on the date of the Conference.  Sections wishing to nominate an instructor should provide the nomination to their District Director, before your District Conference, with justification why the instructors should be selected to attend.  Current and former members of the AWS Board of Directors may not be selected as the Instructor representative.  Attendance will be limited to the 22 Instructor representatives (one from each District) as space in the AWS welding laboratory is limited.

Please click here for the Instructors Institute Nomination Form.

When will the Institute occur?
The AWS Instructors Institute will be held on July 17-22, 2022 from Sunday evening to Friday afternoon. Holding this event during the summer allows for instructors to attend the Institute during their summer break.

Where will the Institute be held?
The Instructors Institute will be held at the AWS Headquarters in Miami, Florida.  Participants will also get a chance to meet the AWS staff and network with their peers.

Who will conduct the Institute?  What can I expect to learn?
A number of experienced welding instructors will be on hand to conduct various aspects of the Institute. Each instructor has a special area of expertise from which you will benefit. Expect to hear the latest information about AWS Education programs, including the SENSE program, visual inspection techniques for instructors, and strategies for supporting your welding programs.

How will the Institute be funded?
AWS will reimburse travel and lodging expenses for each of the 22 District Instructor representatives attending the event. Specific information will be forwarded to the instructor representatives following their selection at the District Conference.