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IMTS Network Original Premiere Event of the Manufacturing Explorers Show


Follow father-son duo Travis and Max Egan as they discover the technologies, innovations, and people that drive manufacturing. Brought to you by Mazak Corporation, “Manufacturing Explorers,” is an IMTS+ Network original series that takes viewers on a journey across America to uncover the incredible impact of manufacturing technology on our lives – from spacecraft to solar panels.

Off the Beaten Path, On the Grid
Appleton, Joplin, Riverton, Kansas City, Moss Landing. As Johnny Cash might have said, “They’ve been everywhere, man.” While filming season two of this hit reality show, the pair visited these places to explore the future of renewable energy.

A manufacturing industry veteran, Travis is the vice president of business development and chief revenue officer at AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology. Max is a mechanical engineering student at the University of Alabama with a passion for sustainability.

In the first season of “Manufacturing Explorers,” Travis showed Max the biggest and best of manufacturing technology – from CNC machines to additive processes. For season two, Max took charge. As an intern at Burns & McDonnell, the largest design and construction firm in the power industry, Max gave his dad – and all his viewers – an inside look at the future of renewable energy.

IMTS+ Network Premier Event
Set to launch on Thursday, April 21, 2022, at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. CT, on the new IMTS+ Network – a digital platform dedicated to all things manufacturing technology – the second season of “Manufacturing Explorers” will take viewers on a tour of all things energy. From Burns & McDonnell’s headquarters in Kansas City to a solar panel array in Joplin, Missouri, to a power station in Riverton, Kansas, Travis and Max discover what happens when you flip the switch. They also stop at an industrial construction and fabrication company in Appleton, Wisconsin, to see how the infrastructure for power generation is built. Their journey continues to the facility boasting the largest battery storage in the world, located in Moss Landing, California.

Travis and Max may have traveled off the beaten path, but they never went off the grid. And they certainly learned a lot about the power grid. Tune in and see the places that are powering our nation and preparing for our sustainable energy future.

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