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Rail Transit Platform Screen Door

The top box of the door body is equipped with a front cover plate and a back cover plate to completely separate the station platform from the traffic area, protect electrical devices from water and dust, and be used for traffic information indication. Each sliding door, emergency door and end door is equipped with a door status indicator.

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Engineering Performance Table of Rail Transit Platform Screen Door

LocationProjectTypeUnit Quantity
PekingPeking Airport Platform Screen Door (Security door) ProjectShielded Doors64
Peking No.15 Line (Phrase 1) Platform Screen Door ProjectShielded Doors96
Peking No.16 Line Platform Screen Door ProjectShielded Doors2320
GuangzhouGuangzhou  No.2, No.8  Line Platform Screen Door ProjectShielded Doors1380
Guangzhou  No.3  Line Platform Screen Door ProjectShielded Doors528
ChengduChengdu No.3 Platform Screen Door ProjectShielded Doors816
Chengdu No.7 Platform Screen Door ProjectShielded Doors960
HongkongHongkong Airport APM LineShielded Doors96
QatarDoha No.1 LineShielded Doors1476

Features Of Rail Transit Platform Screen Door

  • Safeguarding passenger safety

  • Complete separation of platform area and rail area

  • Energy saving

  • Isolation of air currents and reduction of noise

  • Control of dust

  • Reducing the number and burden of lookouts for drivers

  • Provide a comfortable waiting environment


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