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Six Common Problems About Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a very useful material cutting method. Laser cutting machines can not only perform high-precision cutting, but also have a wide range of applications. They can cut a variety of materials. The minor edition summarizes the manufacturer's main questions about the laser cutting machine, and gives a brief explanation of its working mode and the services it can provide.

1. How do they work?

Laser cutting involves high power, highly focused laser. The machine passes a laser beam through the material and pierces a hole. After drilling, the laser immediately cuts, leaving a clean and smooth cut. The laser cutting machine sometimes uses pulsed laser beam, and sometimes uses continuous wave. In the continuous wave, the beam is focused on the material until the cutting is completed. In either mode, the laser cutting machine uses high-power laser to penetrate materials and perform accurate cutting.

2. What materials can be cut with laser?

Laser cutting machine can cut a variety of materials. include:

Stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, aluminum, nickel, brass, copper, etc.

3. Which industries can apply laser cutting machines?

The manufacturing industry is increasingly benefiting from the production of laser cutting machines. Precise cutting enables manufacturers to use laser cutting machines to manufacture parts for many different industries, including:

Automobile industry, aerospace, semiconductor electronic products, medical, original equipment manufacturers, etc.

4. Is laser cutting better than other cutting processes?

Compared with other cutting processes, laser cutting machine has many advantages. First, they consume less power. Second, they can produce more accurate cuts. Finally, the laser cutting machine is very safe to operate. The laser beam trapped in the cutting head is obviously safer for the operator than the fast running blade.

5. How about the cutting quality?

One of the greatest advantages of laser cutting machine is that it can produce highly accurate cutting. The cutting surface is very smooth, and no secondary processing is required.

6. Does the laser cutter damage the material?

Because lasers use heat to cut, many people worry that hot stars will cause damage to the cutting materials. However, they are highly targeted, making thermal damage very small. In addition, laser cutting is non-contact, which means that there will be no mechanical damage to the area around the cutting.

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