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Transportation Application in Sanselar Machining Service

Transportation Application in Sanselar Machining Service

Hundreds kinds of product produced by Sanlaser can be found on 60% of the High-speed trains and subways currently in operation.

Advantages of Transportation Application in Sanselar Machining Service

SANLASER provides our customers with lowest total-landed costs through engineering innovation, logistic optimization, as well as cost reduction in supply chain from materials to finishing processes; We bring year after year savings for our customers.

Projects of Transportation Application in Sanlaser Machining Service

Eurostar,  VT140, OBB, DV-GW006, QSL-SR, Turin Metro, Marseille, Malaysia, Melbourne, Lint RMV, SMS-Avenio- Munich, Smart-T1, Skoda-RNT2020, RER NG, CAF-Tram Oslo, Skoda-EMU, Warsaw, LINT 54 BOB, Metro Sofia Line 3, NS74, Argentina, Mexico, Chile Metro, Brazil EMU, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Changsha….

Main Products:

  • Gangway:  End Frame Assembly, Bridge Plate Assembly, Step Plate Assembly, Locking Lever Assembly…

  • Our company directly or indirectly provides Gangway products with a market share of over 50%.

  • Interior Decoration:  Handrail Assembly, Windscreen Assembly, Frame assembly, Wall plate Assembly, Seat Assembly, Luggage Rack Assembly, Electronic Cabinet…

  • Car Body:  Steering Rack, Chassis…

  • Delivery Capability:  More than 2000 cars and thirty projects in every year.

Case Study of Transportation Application in Sanselar Machining Service

  • 07 m02 seat
  • 07 m005 handrail and windscreen
  • 09 003 rail transit gangway step plate assembly
  • 09 002 rail transit gangway bridge plate assembly
  • 09 m01 gangway end frame assembly
  • 11 m01 05 mbta orange line
  • 11 m01 06 004 alstom european star
  • 11 m01 00mbta red line
  • high seed train
  • m11 high speedtrain
  • m124 full height platform screen door
  • machining service